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Phaiveia Cavity Healing Tooth Armor

Phaiveia Cavity Healing Tooth Armor

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Introducing Tooth Repair Granules, an innovative solution for temporary tooth gap repairs and false teeth applications. 

pov: a dentistdemonstrates properflossing technique witha floss pick: don't justpop it up and down.

    User manual

    1.Prepare a cup of warm water, 60 degrees.

     2.It depends on the size of the missing tooth you want to fill. Use the right amount of seeds (about 12 seeds) in a bowl of warm water.

    3.Gently stir the seeds. Soak in water, until the seeds are soft and moldy as desired.

    4.After a while. Take it out and shape it according to the tooth. After inserting the teeth, rinse your mouth with cold water to dry and harden the dentures, which are used in place of permanent teeth.

    Fillings can help you

    Perfect replacement for missing teeth

    The Tooth Repair Granules are perfect for those who are looking to temporarily fix gaps in their teeth or secure false teeth for special occasions, cosplay, or Halloween costumes. With its easy-to-use design and strong bonding capabilities, this denture adhesive allows users to achieve professional-looking results in the comfort of their own homes.


    Using the Tooth Repair Granules is a simple and straightforward process. Simply heat the granules in hot water until they become soft and pliable, then mold them into the desired shape to fit your teeth or false teeth. Once the adhesive has been applied, allow it to cool and harden, providing a strong and durable bond. The granules can also be easily removed when needed, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    In addition to its practical uses, the Tooth Repair Granules can also be utilized for creative purposes, such as Halloween makeup and costume designs. By using these granules to create custom false teeth, users can create unique and memorable looks for any occasion. The possibilities are endless with this versatile and easy-to-use product.

    In conclusion, the Tooth Repair Granules offer a convenient and effective solution for temporary tooth gap repairs, false teeth applications, and creative makeup designs. With its high-quality materials, moldable design, and strong bonding capabilities, this product is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their smile or create stunning looks for special events. Embrace the power of a perfect smile and unleash your creativity with the Tooth Repair Granules.

    Package Included:
    1* Tooth Repair Granules - 20ml/30ml /50ml

    Q:How long can it hold on?

    A:It's not strictly permanent, but with proper use it lasts a long time. Can eat warm food, try not to eat very hot food too often, it will work longer.

    Q: How do I get it to match my tooth color?

    A: You can try to use hot tea water to fuse the material,so the color will be more natural. Or you can use it for a few days and it will gradually change to the same color as your teeth as you eat.

    Q: How do I go about using it, are there any caveats?

    A:If it is a broken tooth, use the product directly to connect the remaining tooth. Only the gums can also be repaired, but only if there are healthy teeth next to them so that the material can be held in place by bonding the healthy teeth next to them and can act as a support. If there are more than 3 consecutive missing teeth, you need to be careful when using the product, it may be uncomfortable, and if you use too much force, your gums may be injured.


      Product name:dental fillings at home
      Expired:3 years
      Using:filling and repairing missing and damaged teeth. Full, beautiful teeth
      Memory:cool and dry place


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